Waterbed mattress guide and tips

If you’re confused about the waterbed mattress options available then read our waterbed mattress guide below to help you make an informed decision. We have a wide variety of replacement waterbed mattresses to fit both softside and hardside water beds. We also stock mattresses with a different amounts of layers that determine the firmness of the bed.

Will all the different water bed mattress options available it is easy to question whether you are making the right choice. Let us help you with our quick 5 minute waterbed mattress guide to help you select the best waterbed solution for you.

Types of Waterbed Mattress

The main types of mattress you need to know about are –

  1. Freeflow mattresses – These, as the name suggests allow water to flow freely throughout the internal space. They re-create the feeling of sleeping on a boat with a gentle rocking motion.
  2. Fibre filled mattresses – These are made out of the same vinyl material as the freeflow range but have internal layers of fibre added to dampen the effect of the wave motion. The more layers the greater the dampening effect.
  3. Single and Dual sided – If you are a very light sleeper and find that your partners movement during the night can stir you from a deep sleep then you may find the dual sided mattresses beneficial. Again, as the name suggests these mattresses are made up of 2 separate cavities so a movement on one side is less likely to create a wave motion on the other side.

Waterbed liners

We also stock a range of waterbed liners that fit underneath the waterbed as a preventative measure in case the worst happens and you get a puncture in your mattress. These very rarely need replacing, but should you need a new one, then check our range for more information.

To view all available waterbed mattress then take a look at our Waterbed Mattress Homepage